Ja Entendi

Accelerating professional learning, 500 Startups Batch 8


Já Entendi is an educational intelligence company with an innovative teaching methodology, that uses video and animation with cinematic language, to convert tecnical content into Video-trainings Já Entendi®, capable of accelerate learning and leverage the absortion of knowledge of people from lower classes, with lack of formal education and learning deficit.

Currently a significant portion of brazilian companies suffer with the qualified work-force shortage. Added to that, the conventional teaching methodology, of courses and schools, it’s been inefficient on teaching professional from lower social classes, due to their difficulty of learning and assimilate information.

Now we’re developing several Video-trainings Já Entendi® for companies in Brazil, as Walmart, Itaú and Beleza Natural.

The next step will be the development of a complete online platform of Video-trainings Já Entendi® for companies and workers from lower classes fulfill their needs for professional qualification.