A cloud-based fundraising management tool

We bring online the incredible feeling of helping.
We’re a cloud-based FUNdraising management tool.

68% of donors choose to give online. But 74% of the actual donation systems and sites are not effective, which translates into 47% of the donors giving up.

Karmashop is a SaaS that can be used by Non-profits, government, institutions, churches, and socially responsible companies.

Some features:
1. Donating should be fun! : We make donating a FUN experience and keep donors motivated through gamification. It’s well known that gamification leverages people’s natural desires for competition, achievement, status, and altruism.

2. Easy to use: Karmashop is easy for both, fundraisers and donors. It takes just 3 clicks to start a fundraising campaign or donate to a cause!

3. Engage with your donors: Each donor is a hero. That’s why through Karmashop’s dashboard you can keep analytics and information about each of your heroes and keep them engaged through newsletters and updated galleries


  • Juan Carlos Mercado Alpizar
  • Melissa Cantú
  • Andrea Cantu