Love With Food

Marketing & market research platform for CPG food brands is a marketing and analytics platform that’s disrupting the $60B snacks industry. Think marketing + survey monkey for organic or all-natural CPG brands.

Our platform combines big data, e-commerce, online/offline advertising channels with a monthly sampling subscription service to create a new innovative distribution and marketing channel to reach consumers nationwide and collect useful quantitative and qualitative data for food brands. For $10/month, our sampling subscribers receive a box of 8+ surprise organic or all-natural snacks at their door each month. These subscribers are genuine leads for these food brands.

We make at least 30% margin on every transaction.

For every box delivered, a meal is donated to food banks across America. In less than 18 months, has donated more than 100,000 to food banks all across America.


  • Aihui Ong (i-we)