Conferencing for Engaging Conversations Not Presentations


MaestroConference has built an interactive webinar system that offers a much higher level of engagement than traditional 1-to-many broadcast webinars.

We’re uniquely focused on replicating and improving on facilitated live trainings and workshops where everyone participates – be that with data-driven breakouts, interactive polls, recorded or live video, and even live commerce or donations. Events scale to 5000 people, and for example can transition instantly from a speaker addressing 5000 people, to 1000 breakouts of 5 by geography or interest.

Our 2015 customers include the Obama political organization (OFA), Airbnb, Uber, both Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders’ campaigns, the National Science Foundation, Stanford University, Upworthy, Consumer Reports, the Sierra Club, and Nestle. 2015 conversation hosts have included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah.

We’ve engaged 7.5 million participants to date, have 900+ customers, and earned 3 patents for the technology. 


  • Brian Burt
  • Charlie Rebich
  • Brendan Playford

Oakland, CA