Voting with smartphones during presentations


Mentimeter is developing a frictionless and beautiful audience engagement platform that lets presenters do instant audience feedback to engage and energize their audience with a click of a button.

With over 100.000 professional presenters generating $450k ARR growing 16% MoM and they have engaged 4 million users to date.

Our average audience size is 18 people showing that we support the mass market of everyday presentation, of which 10 million are carried out every day in the US alone.

We have paying customers in 52 countries including Accenture, McKinsey, IBM, Microsoft and The Royal Family of Sweden.

We help professors, consultants, business leaders and event managers to create a truly engaging and fun presentation. 


  • Johnny Warström
  • Niklas Ingvar
  • Henrik Fräsén
  • Kristoffer Renholm

Stockholm, Sweden