Language Learning For Kids and Toddlers


Our mission is to help parents provide the best language education for their children at home.

– Pre-K (2-6 years)
– Game based experience
– Adaptive learning engine
– Weekly progress reports
– Additional material for home

Our methodology has been scientifically tested and proven to be more effective (2X) than:
– Traditional methods (
– Duolingo (

We have 3 revenue channels:
– Our subscription platform
– single-IAP for our standalone apps
– Licensing apps

More opportunities via:
– Brand licensing (e.g.TV)
– Affiliate
– Merchandising

We want to help parents and kids across the world and keep having reviews like this one from Indonesia (real):
“I am a mom of 2 children. I am not quite good in english, but i hope my children better than me. I live in a small city there are not bilangual or international school, its also difficult to find english teacher that have fluent english conversation. Thank you for lingokids. My children love it”. 


  • Cristobal Viedma
  • Marieta Viedma