Wearable software for chronic conditions


Neutun provides Ultimate Peace of Mind for those with chronic conditions and their families.

We are a tracking tool using the devices people already own and love. The ones in their pocket or on their wrist.

Starting with our first vertical, epilepsy, we are building the real-time picture of human health.

Epilepsy was chosen because our family has dealt with our entire lives and we built it for our mother.

Monitor and detect your seizures, notify your loved ones and get medication reminders.

Our software runs on your existing smartwatch and wearable devices (like a Pebble or Apple Watch). Our technology is device agnostic, non-invasive and utilizes accessible wearables. We don’t diagnose epilepsy. We simply provide a seizure tracking tool for people living with epilepsy.

Neutun makes it easy to manage your condition. 


  • Eric William Dolan
  • Alexander Dolan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada