A sports sponsorship marketplace connecting brands with athletes, events and teams


We are a marketplace connecting brands and rights holders, i.e. athletes, agents, teams, leagues and events.

Our current focus is on the imperfect industry for athlete endorsements. We have developed tools and functionality similar to other leading influencer marketplaces allowing brands to find, contact and partner with the perfect athlete. This includes creating RFPs, tracking social media, being able to conduct cash /equity/ royalty/ product deals and using our management tools. As we cater only to athletes, the most coveted of all “influencers” we have a competitive advantage. We have developed relationships with athletes and many leading agencies to give brands unique access to this elite and largely unreachable pool of talent.

We have also developed valuable SAAS tools for large brands and agencies. 


  • Ishveen Kaur Anand
  • Reda El Khattabi

New York, NY, US