Ordr.in is an open platform for online food ordering


Backed by Google Ventures, 500Startups and TechStars, Ordr.in is open platform for restaurant ecommerce. We are experts in the field of acquiring, normalizing and distributing restaurant data via APIs for transactional purposes. This data and the services we provide with it are used by 3rd parties including Yelp, Microsoft, Choice Hotels, Disrupt finalists and individual developers to build new food ordering applications. More than 20,000 restaurant locations have joined the Ordr.in platform to receive orders from our clients, making us in three years the second largest and fastest growing restaurant food ordering network in the U.S.

Our mission is to unlock local merchant transactional data and make it freely available, changing the way local business uses the web.


  • Felix Sheng
  • David Bloom

New York