Know Your Audience


What is Pick1
Pick1 – Know Your Audience. Know Your Customer.
IBM Watson Partner

Pick1 offers a variety of products that enable clients to better understand customers, segment audiences and increase engagement:

+ White label surveys that focus on the respondent, not just the responses – combining the two. Pick1 then enables you to filter and segment your Audience, creating a more targeted marketing campaign and better market research – all in real time.
+ Enhance your CRM with a comprehensive profile of a user based on an email or phone #. We enable you to further filter and segment this data in real-time.
+ Provide full personality profile of users in 30 secs. Test it: wayo.rocks
+ Convert your Facebook fans into useable, actionable data
+ Identify “cold” user leads and convert them into users/customers
+ Auto populate data fields in real time
+ Identifying the audience by matching emails & IDs to public data.
+ Identifying the audience via engagement.


  • Paolo Privitera

San Francisco, CA