Monthly Care Packages meet THE Online Campus Store.


Pijon helps college students get the things they love and need every month from the people that love them most.

Pijon’s mission is to keep college students happy and healthy while helping families stay connected, and we’re carrying out that mission by standing at the intersection of college care packages and the campus store.

Pijon launched in August 2013 and has sold over 17,000 PijonBoxes to 3,600+ subscribers across 1,000+ campuses in all 50 states.

Pijon features 5-6 awesome brands that college students love and need each month. Subscriptions start at $25/month, and $35-$50+ in retail value is featured in each PijonBox.

The Pijon Store launched in Jan. 2014, and we’re building this digital retail outlet into THE online campus store.

PijonBucks launched in Feb. 2014, and this is a way to store value to be exchanged in the Pijon Store. Members can earn PijonBucks for actions like new referrals, rating products, etc, and parents purchase monthly PijonBucks for their kids to use.