A consumer insights platform that enables creators to test their content against targeted audiences at scale


Pilotly enables media publishers to run digital focus groups at scale with precise audience segmentation. Our research solution is composed of a multi-platform video portal / APIs, interactive engagement tools for viewers, and dynamic reporting for clients. Our platform collects data and displays it instantly to an online dashboard.

Today content creators waste nearly a billion dollars a year on videos that either never find an audience or never find proper distribution. Pilotly helps creators make better business decisions based on actual viewer data from their target audience.

Unlike current pilot tests that only offer reporting once, we are able to publish updated reports with actionable insights on-demand. Furthermore, our viewers remain within Pilotly to watch many pilots; so over time, we better understand their preferences as they increase their engagement with our platform.

We are building the big data pipeline behind media entertainment. 


  • James H Norman Jr
  • Hector Osorio
  • Edgar Garza