A tracking device for keeping your pet safe & healthy.

PinMyPet helps you to take care of your beloved pets, giving to you insight into what they’re doing when you’re not home, tracking their activities and location in real time. Anytime, anywhere, you can rest assured knowing your pet’s safety is at your fingertips on your phone.

The PinMyPet collar device is compact and comfortable for your pet, and instantly recharges itself in the presence of Wifi. Over 10 million pets go lost each year, and less than 15% of those dogs & 2% of cats are returned to owners. Your pet depends on you for care. Don’t leave their safety up to chance. Let PinMyPet help you care for your pet.

PinMyPet Mobile is a powerful App to use alongside the PinMyPet collar device with a handy pet time-line that organizes all your pets vital records and information. Inputting information about your pet is simple and fast, and sends reminders about medicine and vet appointments directly to your phone.