A platform bringing technology to the death industry.

PlotBox is SaaS for cemeteries.

It is a software solution which brings technology and surveying to an industry that is crying out for it.

PlotBox is flow-based and specifically designed around the processes of a cemetery and crematorium, with a unique GIS mapping solution at its core. It is devised to manage all administrative duties in the one place. PlotBox saves time, saves money and increases efficiencies. More importantly, it helps local authority and privately owned cemeteries provide a better service to the bereaved.

In addition to the operational benefits on offer, the deceased information input into PlotBox is used to populate our genealogy website where members of the public can carry out family history research with great quality content at their fingertips. This service also gives the opportunity for the cemetery to increase revenue generation.


  • Sean McAllister
  • Leona McAllister