Mobile Ad Campaigns Using GPS Location-based System


RAIN is an app that helps small businesses effectively reach local customers by making mobile, local marketing easy and affordable. Mobile marketing is the future, yet most small businesses don’t have the time, expertise or capital to manage mobile marketing campaigns. In a few quick steps, businesses can promote themselves using RAIN on all the most popular mobile apps and websites – including everything from Facebook to CNN. With an existing network of over 200,000 small businesses, RAIN has a proven distribution channel in place that sets it apart from its competitors.

Interesting team fact:
RAIN’s team is comprised of fun-loving people with a passion for all things in life, from tech to the great outdoors. At any time of day or night, at least one RAIN team member is likely up and at ‘em. Basically, we’re 24/7.


  • Skyler Sutton

Los Angeles, CA