RapidAPI makes app development faster by creating a code-free backend platform


RapidAPI let’s developers create a fully functional backend for their app. We have turned every function from sending a text message to storing a file is a block, and all developers need to do is to drag-n-drop.

RapidAPI lives in the cloud, so any backend created with RapidAPI is automatically hosted online. That way, our users don’t have to worry about deploying and maintaining their apps – a process known to be time consuming, where mistakes cause long downtimes. Also, because we use state of the art servers in multiple datacenters around the world, users enjoy best in class performance out if the box.

RapidAPI is also very easy to integrate in the app / website. Since RapidAPI uses a REST api for communications, users don’t have to install any special libraries, and can use RapidAPI with any platform. Moreover, RapidAPI automatically generates code snippets to be copy and pasted into the front-end. 


  • Iddo Gino
  • Daniel Chernenkov

Haifa, Israel