Slack Plus Salesforce For The 2.5M Real Estate Agents

The #1 problem in the real estate industry right now is bad data. Zillow, Trulia, and even the MLS’s all have bad data because they don’t give agents an easy way to add/update their listing info in real-time. A recent study showed that 36% of the data on these search portals is inaccurate. Based on data collected for properties added to Reesio in recent months, this number is actually over 52%. This means Buyers are constantly missing out on properties and seeing wrong information when they search on these other portals.

Reesio solves this problem by owning the only up-to-the-minute residential property data. By giving agents an awesome productivity tool that they use multiple times per day to manage their deals, we’re able to AUTOMATICALLY take agents’ real-time transaction info and create searchable listings that are more accurate than anything on the planet. More importantly, Reesio owns ALL of its own data — Zillow, Trulia, and the MLS’s do NOT.