Gamify your Exercise Goals


RocketJourney is a behavioral change platform that gamifies the way teams of friends hold themselves accountable for their goals.

1- Simple verification system. Gamification without verification is lame, that’s why we verify activities via GPS, wearable integration, and even fingerprint check-in at affiliated gyms.

2- Teams. We are not an open social network. Most people don’t want to share their progress photos and stats with the world, only with their friends and people they trust. Our social model revolves around teams.

3- Multiple tracking interfaces. Friends do different activities and even individuals like to mix it up. We offer tracking interfaces for multiple fitness activities.

Goal: Increase the probability that a person achieves his/her fitness goal.

Business Model: Retention SaaS for Fitness Clubs.


  • Carlos Ayala
  • Pablo Artee
  • Ernesto Cambustón

Mexico City, Mexico