Saint Harridan

Masculine lifestyle brand for women and transmen


Saint Harridan is a social venture / fashion company whose goal is to lead the gender explosion/reinvention that will forever change the landscape of the industry. We specialize in masculine clothing / lifestyle products for women. We estimate this is a $10 BILLION opportunity.

We have a proven market opportunity through our 2013 Kickstarter campaign (30 days) which raised $137k (goal: $87k) from 1100 people. In 2014 we were open for 64 days and grossed $360k in retail sales from “Pop-Up Shops” in 13 cities in the US.

We are raising funds to expand our line to include mid-priced business casual, and increase marketing effectiveness. As a company with a strong brand and loyal following, our greatest opportunity lies in supplying this staple wardrobe.


  • Martha Rynberg
  • Mary Going

Oakland, CA