Set Scouter

A marketplace that makes video production easy — starting with location rentals.


Set Scouter is the first and only full-service marketplace that connects film producers with location owners. Locations is one of the crucial aspects of a production — it’s easy to underestimate their importance. Set Scouter is the only marketplace that takes the hassle out of location scouting by facilitating the process end-to-end.

Set Scouter’s client list has grown to include agencies, brands, marketing companies, and event companies.

Traditionally, producers spend weeks cold-calling locations or countless hours searching through outdated catalogues, asking friends, posting on social media, or resorting to classified ads. With Set Scouter, producers can find the perfect locations within their budgets quickly, and communicate with homeowners directly online.


  • Alex Kolodkin
  • Lidia Bit-Yunan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada