Shipping made easy and cheap


We’ve built an API that makes shipping cheap and easy for e-commerce stores.

We make shipping cheap by aggregating the shipping volume of our customers and thus get steep discounts from the carriers, which we can pass on to the stores. At the moment we are at 70% off retail prices.

We make shipping easy by providing one API to connect online stores to all relevant carriers. Our algorithm optimizes package allocation across all available shipping providers.

In short: We give mid-sized e-commerce stores the shipping backend of Amazon – only simpler.

The shipping market related the e-commerce is worth $360 billion in the US and in Western Europe. Shipping is a huge pain point for e-commerce stores. Prices are high and intransparent, finding the right shipping provider is difficult, negotiating discounts with them is even harder and working together with more than one gets messy. We make shipping hassle-free!