Shop & sell products from multiple retailers in one checkout


Shoppable®, previously 72Lux, is the simplest way to shop & sell products from multiple retailers within one checkout. This patent-pending technology enables digital publishers to sell the products featured on their websites without the user ever clicking off their site.

The products, from multiple retailers, are sold via a single, white-label checkout, allowing users to conveniently checkout wherever they find a product.

With a signed publishing network of over 75 million monthly unique visitors, the Shoppable® platform is robust enough to power the largest publisher sites in the US, yet intuitive enough to be used by non-technical editorial personal. Based on the editorial content being displayed, the site easily curate and promote products within their editorial while allowing the checkout to take place on their website. Shoppable® technology is the solution to publishers challenges and in the heart of industries ripe for disruption.


  • Heather Marie

New York