The prediction game for all sports

SportHold ( is a website and mobile app (soon to be released in the App store) that collects users’ predictions for sporting games. It’s addictive, easy to use and free to play. We then take those data and use an algorithm to make a superior sports prediction engine.

Our users can show their friends that they’re a top predictor by collecting badges and trophies for getting streaks of games correct and climbing the leaderboard. We also send email notifications and push notifications to app users to keep them making predictions for upcoming games.

We also offer cash prizes to top predictors. If you can predict the outcome of a week of English Premier League games (10 in total) then you can win a cash prize of $250. In the future we’ll offer Warren Buffet $1 billion March Madness style challenges on a regular basis.

We are intensely passionate about sports data and creating a flawless UX. We truly believe in the combined knowledge of the crowd. Do you?