Use your Most Valuable App Users to Acquire More Just Like Them


StreetHawk is automated Growth-hacking for Mobile User Acquisition & Engagement.

Most Apps fail because they don’t get viral growth. User’s abandon the App before inviting or sharing with friends and so the marketer is addicted to Advertising for growth. But this is broken: When 2 Apps compete – the one that cracks viral growth will win – linear growth is failure.

The key elements are:
1. Personalised Onboarding
* Deferred Deeplinking – users ACTUALLY get the content they were sent from friends
* “User get’s User” – Track your power sharers. Reward them based on new installs or activity.
* No coupon codes required.
* Smart Triggers
* Predictive Engagement

2. Predictive Engagement
* Real time Segmentation finds the power shares and look-a-likes
* Turn Light Users into Power Users
* Turn Power Users into promoters
* Personalised Push & In App Content
* Measurement (A/B Testing, Nurture sequences, Response rates)

StreetHawk drives viral growth, rentention & monetization.


  • David Jones
  • Tobias Fielitz
  • Linda Fernandez

San Francisco, CA