Tinfoil Security

Security made simple, focused on developers and DevOps.

Tinfoil Security provides the simplest security solution for developers and DevOps. With Tinfoil Security, your site is routinely monitored and checked for vulnerabilities using a scanner that’s constantly updated. Using the same techniques as malicious hackers, we systematically test all the access points, instantly notifying you when there’s a threat and giving you step-by-step instructions, tailored to your software stack, to eliminate it.

We bring security into the DevOps and development lifecycle. Hook up Tinfoil’s API to your current CI system so as you push out code Tinfoil scans are run. With JIRA integration your developers never have to break their current process to implement security. You have functional tests to make sure you’re not pushing out functional bugs, and with Tinfoil you’ll have security tests as well. You have a lot to manage; let us manage your website’s security.


  • Michael Borohovski
  • Ainsley Braun