Mobile marketplace for moms to buy and sell kids fashion

Totspot is a mobile marketplace for moms to shop and sell kids fashion.

List and Sell: With an instagram like simplicity, moms can list to sell their kids pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories within 30 seconds. The simplicity has enabled our inventory to swell in just two months.

Discover and Shop: Moms can discover and shop for kids fashion on the go. Instead of shopping a retailer, moms shop each other’s kids closet. The shopping experience is social where moms can like, comment, share and engage with other moms to buy.

Transactions & delivery: All transactions are handled within the app. Totspot is a cashless system, and checkout and payout for buyers and sellers is simple. Once your item sells, our USPS integration simplifies P2P shipping.

Totspot empowers moms to save and make cash from their kids pre-loved fashion. By solving this potent problem through mobile access, camera, simple UX and social features, we enable every mom in America to upcycle their kids wardrobe.