Online distribution of second hand clothing

In Mexico, there are 52 million people that can not buy new clothes because they are in a very low socioeconomic level, and there are other 24 million people who can buy it only sometimes. As clothing is a basic human need, they must buy secondhand clothes. That’s what we sell in Unbisne.com, but we do it in a unique way: via an online catalog where every garment is uploaded with their respective photo and the size and brand data. It seems difficult, but using some technologies is very simply and cheap. So much that we upload 700 new items everyday (Monday to Saturday), which means more than 4,000 a week. We do not sell retail, but rather to traders and entrepreneurs that are seeking fast businesses with a low investment. We offer packages of 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400 garments, with completely free shipping to anywhere in Mexico and a warranty policy. No one in the world sells used clothing this way, only us (literally).


  • Juan Ramon Jimenez Brambila