The Shipping Department for eCommerce


Whiplash holds an online store’s inventory in our warehouses, and when the store makes a sale, Whiplash packs the order and ship it out. Whiplash is the simplest, most customer-focused fulfillment provider.

We’re building the largest fulfillment service in the world by collecting disparate providers into a unified offering. And not just a brittle veneer: Whiplash software will be the foundation for an entire global network.

We currently operate two facilities, in Ann Arbor, MI and South San Francisco, CA. These are our demo facilities to get our product right and serve early clients. This is where we’ve proven to ourselves that Whiplash reduces email, anxiety, and shipping errors.

We’ve just opened our third facility, in London, UK, by licensing our software and systems to a partner. This represents the beginning of a new era, in which virtually anyone can become a node in the Whiplash network.


  • James Marks
  • Mark Dickson
  • Sean Hurley

Ann Arbor, MI