Self-improvement through small steps


Your life is the sum of small choices. Small changes, done daily, can lead to big results. 1+1+1+ … = A LOT. YOU-app, Jamie Oliver and other experts help you do the small things that matter in Food, Mind, Move and Love. Join the world’s most positive community!

The visual, social YOU-app makes self-improvement simple and fun:

– YOU-app gives you small steps, “micro-actions”, to live happier and healthier
– You complete the action with a picture
– Actions cover mindfulness, food, movement and love
– Pick your goal among ‘playlists’…
– …or a “Keep-it-up Action” to create a habit!
– Connect with a global community of likeminded people, or share your journey with just your friends


  • Nelli Lähteenmäki
  • Nora Rosendahl
  • Aleksi Hoffman
  • Toni Sallinen
  • Jaakko Hyvärinen

San Francisco, CA