'Priceline' for medical services - Search and Save on Health, Dental, and Beauty


ZendyHealth (ZH) makes it easier than ever before to search and save on cosmetic, medical, and dental services. ZH connects customers seeking standardized procedures to top local Certified Providers at affordable prices. Consumers are empowered to make smarter purchasing decisions. Customers can choose their procedure — when and where they want — and at their own price. Providers increase business and fill excess capacity and address perishable inventory — the end result being a win-win solution for customer and provider alike.

Why is this relevant?
Those who are uninsured, under-insured, and with high deductibles will benefit greatly especially with the recent changes in the health care system. The end-goals include:
a. improved cost transparency;
b. improved access to care otherwise unrealized;
c. overall health care cost reduction.


  • Vish Banthia
  • Roumen Antonov
  • Kimi Verma

Los Angeles, CA