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Videos from “PR Secrets for Startups” Panel

PUBLISHED September 25, 2010
by Jess Erickson
At last week’s Startup2Startup, Dave moderated a great lineup of speakers on the topic of “PR Secrets for Startups.” If you’ve wondered why some companies get frequent press coverage, if there’s a right way to launch your company, if PR is useful only for getting investors’ attention or if you can really boost customer acquisition from it, then you’ll want to check out these videos!

The panelists included:

    • Stew Langille, VP Marketing at Mint.com and Head of Marketing for PFG Intuit
    • Martin Giles, U.S. Technology Correspondent at The Economist Newspaper

Special thanks to TechCrunch for hosting this Startup2Startup at their HQ in San Francisco. Note to self: make sure to check whether there is a Giants game before scheduling the next Startup2Startup in the city.

“PR Secrets for Startups”, Part 1:

“PR Secrets for Startups”, Part 2:

Published by Jess Erickson

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