Jun 15, 2016 On Our Blog

More Users, Less Spend — 10+ ways to Trim the Fat & Save 5-figures on Adwords (and beyond)

10+ Ways to Eliminate The Adwords Dimensional Wastage That Kills Your Google Display Network Campaigns Results Even Before You Start You need to put your Adwords Display Network Campaigns on a Diet. Actually, not a diet… just trimming the fat with aggressive liposuction surgery might be better. Google Display Network (GDN for acronym lovers) is AMAZING. With over 2 million Display Network sites that reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide (Source: comScore), there are a lot of opportunities to reach customers. But with that power… there just as many dangers. In fact, it’s so dangerous that I rarely meet a startup that’s doing everything I’m going to share with you in this guide. Let me be clear…. The ENEMY …