Yeah, what-EV-er dude.

In other news: the sky is blue and politicians lie.  Same Shit Different Day.

Suck it up and get back to effing work.  It ain’t fall 2008 yet, and it certainly ain’t March 2000.  So what if the EU goes belly up (again) and the US housing market tanks (again).  People are still gonna buy stuff on the interwebs. And we sure hope China, India, and Brazil are paying next month’s rent.

So while the rest of the world fiddles, 500 Startups is ON FIRE (in a good way).

After 3 months of beating the crap out of our 2nd batch of startups, they kind of don’t suck and we think they’re ready for 500 Demo Days this Tuesday & Wednesday (note: we’re sold out, but you can watch from home).  And even if they do suck, we hope you won’t throw too many tomatoes while they pitch their scrawny little startup stories before we kick them out of the 500 nest.  Sink or swim, little monsters, sink or swim…

Again we’ll have a full house of blood-sucking VCs & muck-raking paparazzi… er, i mean shrewd investors & respected press to cover the demos of our accelerator companies, with a few cameo appearances from select 500 family free of charge.  (did i mention it was free?)

Remember folks: Coffee is for Closers…. and ABC: Always Be Closing.

Tune in 1pm PDT Tue 8/16 & 6pm PDT Wed 8/17:

(ps – be sure to follow #500strong + @500startups on the Twitters for more fun & games 🙂