There are no words to describe our newest batch of accelerator companies. Ok, there are a few: International. Diverse. Awesome. But most of all – #500STRONG. (one day that will be an official word – just wait and see!!) In celebration of their announcement, the Fall 2012 batch masterminded and created this video, “Sh*t 500 Founders Say.” We hope you like it as much as we do. Without further adieu – here are the 33 companies in the Fall 2012 batch of 500 Startups!
BabyList A baby registry that works like Pinterest. Put anything on the web onto your baby registry. Makes pregnancy less overwhelming and more fun. AngelList: Founders: Natalie Gordon From: San Francisco, CA Fun Fact: Created by Natalie when she was pregnant.
Chewse We’re a marketplace for groups to easily order great food. AngelList: Founders: Tracy Lawrence, Jeff Schenck From: Santa Monica, CA Fun Fact: We’ve fed over 17,000 people!
Cinemacraft Video thumbnails are archaic. Cinemacraft’s videogram service produces an interactive pictorial summary of the video (comic). Makes video thumbnails come to life. AngelList: Founders: Sandeep Casi From: Tokyo, Japan
Club W Curated, personalized wine subscription service. AngelList: Founders: Xander Oxman, Mark Lynn, Geoff McFarlane From: Denver, CO Fun Fact: We’ve shipped over 60,000 bottles of wine in a little over 6 months.
CompStak We create transparency in commercial real estate by gathering information that is hard to find, difficult to compile or currently unavailable. AngelList: Founders: Michael Mandel, Vadim Belobrovka From: New York, NY Fun Fact: We have employees from 5 different countries.
Cubie Cubie Messenger (Android, iPhone) is a free messenger for the creative to chat and draw. Over 4M users and growing. AngelList: Founders: Yenwen Feng, Cjin Cheng From: Taiwan Fun Fact: Cubie’s video:
Cuponomia Cuponomia is a marketplace to search, discover and share deals and online coupon codes in Brazil. AngelList: Founders: Vinicius Dornela, Antonio Miranda From: Sao Paulo, Brazil Fun Fact: We hate that we can’t find coupons and deals in Brazil the same way we do in the US.
Curious Hat We build mobile exploration tools for curious children. AngelList: Founders: Luca Prasso, Erwan Maigret From: San Mateo, CA (by way of Italy and France) Fun Fact: We prove that Italians and French can get along very well and create great apps. (as long as they don’t talk about soccer, cheese or wine!)
Dealflicks Dealflicks offers movie tickets and concessions for up to 60% off. We’re like Priceline or Hotwire, but for movie theaters. AngelList: Founders: Sean Wycliffe, Zachary Cancio, and Kevin Hong From: Oakland/San Francisco, CA Fun Fact: For over 2 months after quitting his job, Kevin (co-founder) continued to get up every morning at 5am, put on a tie, and drive to “work” to avoid breaking the news to his strict Korean parents.
everbill The easiest way to issue invoices and estimates. AngelList: Founders: Harald Trautsch, Gerald Aichholzer, Robert Beisteiner, Michael Kunz From: Vienna, Austria Fun Fact: We are the vegan CrossFit machines.
femeninas Fashion and beauty portal for women. AngelList: Founders: Ricardo Lerch From: Argentina Fun Fact: Fashion is cool by default.
gazeMetrix We look at videos and pictures and help brands measure their visibility. AngelList: Founders: Deobrat Singh, Saurab Paruthi, Debayan Banerjee From: Delhi, India Fun Fact: Two of us do not have US visas yet!
Hunie Hunie is a community that helps designers get constructive and honest critiques from fellow designers. AngelList: Founders: Damian Madray From: Silicon Valley, CA
Iconfinder Iconfinder is the world’s leading site for icons. AngelList: Founders: Martin LeBlanc Eigtved, Steffen Thilsted, Nick Bruun From: Copenhagen, Denmark Fun Fact: More than 100 million icons have been downloaded from Iconfinder.
iDreamBooks Rotten Tomatoes for books. AngelList: Founders: Rahul Simha, Vish Chap, Mohit Aggrawal From: Canada/India Fun Fact: The founder of Rotten Tomatoes (Patrick Lee) is one of our investors!
Instamojo Sell your digital creations with just one click. Gumroad for India. AngelList: Founders: Sampad Swain, Akash Gehani, Harshad Sharma From: Mumbai, India Fun Fact: Instamojo was our side project.
Kickfolio We help brands promote their iPhone apps. Instead of screenshots or movies, brands can embed interactive iPhone app demos on any web page. AngelList: Founders: Chris Nolet, Edward Dowling, Diesel Laws From: Melbourne, Australia Fun Fact: We hung out at 500 Startups for 4 hours to meet with Dave. And then our demo failed.
LaunchGram LaunchGram aggregates news about products and launches coming soon in verticals such as movies, electronics, video games,and cars. AngelList: Founders: Andy Sparks, Zach Boerger, Carrie Phillips From: Columbus, Ohio Fun Fact: We used to be named Soonzy, but everyone thought it was Snoozy, so we changed it.
Markerly Markerly increases publisher page views and engagement by providing next generation social sharing and discovery tools. AngelList: Founders: Sarah Ware, Justin Kline, Rahf Noor From: DC Fun Fact: What do you get when a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim start a company? Markerly.
Pick1 Retargeting via automated Market Research – Big Data for Opinions. AngelList: Founders: Paolo Privitera, Armando Biondi From: Italy Fun Fact: Multinational in a pocket: US company 100% Italian team, Chilean funding (so far).
Privy Online advertising used to suck for SMBs. Not anymore. Privy is an automated, digital ad agency. You set a budget and promo, we deliver the only metric that matters: customers. AngelList: Founders: Ben Jabbawy, Jake Cohen From: Boston, MA Fun Fact: Team Privy traveled in a velour-lined van to get to 500 Startups.
Qual Canal Qual Canal tracks conversations about TV shows in social media to deliver insightful audience information to broadcasters, brands, and agencies. AngelList: Founders: Anderson Fér (CEO), André Terra (CMO), Fabricio Buzeto (CTO), Flávio Ferrari (Advisor) From: Brazil
Repairy Repairy is a web-based customer relationship and resource management system for car repair shops and dealerships, integrated with a spare parts marketplace. AngelList: Founders: Maksim Fjodorov, Mareks Veinbergs, Arvis Zeile From: Estonia & Latvia Fun Fact: We are rapid fast due to Marek’s driving style and his Subaru Impreza STI. After two weeks of programming, we visited 60 repair shops presenting the Repairy concept. The only challenge was maintaining that healthy and smiling look we usually have for sales pitches!
SupplyHog Creating a better way to purchase building materials, so you can Get – Ship – Done. AngelList: Founders: Nathan Derrick, Philip Brown From: Chattanooga, TN Fun Fact: We come from the GigCity. Our CEO is obsessed with unicorns and mermaids. Sorry, mermen.
Tealet Marketplace that connects tea drinkers with tea growers. AngelList: Founders: Elyse Petersen, Christian Kamau, Jane Gonsowski From: Honolulu, HI Fun Fact: Employee perks include all-you-can-drink tea, travel around the world, and relocation to Hawaii.
TouristEye The Trip Planner every traveler falls in love with. Plan your trip on the web, view all the info & maps offline on your mobile. AngelList: Founders: Ariel Camus, Javier Fernandez Escribano From: Madrid, Spain Fun Fact: We have traveled to more than 40 countries combined. Call us if you want to travel around SV!
TradeBriefs Empowering Indian professionals through industry expertise and jobs. AngelList: Founders: Sree Vijaykumar From: Mumbai, India Fun Fact: TradeBriefs has been interpreted on more than one occasion to be a company dealing with underwear.
Traity Traity measures people’s reputation in worldwide 360 feedback to improve transactions between strangers. AngelList: Founders: Juan Cartagena, José Ignacio Fernández, Borja Martín From: Madrid, Spain Fun Fact: In Traity, people perceive us as the “executive”, the “researcher”, and the “computer geek” (exactly our roles in the startup). We defined those personality types beforehand though – we didn’t intentionally rig the results!
Translate Abroad Translate Aboard is building a suite of simple translation apps. Use your smart phone camera to instantly translate text without internet. AngelList: Founders: Ryan Rogowski, Huan-Yu Wu, Kevin Clark From: Providence, Rhode Island Fun Fact: We have a white Chinese speaker.
UniPay UniPay is a mobile payment platform for Brazil. AngelList: Founders: Tahiana D’Egmont, Mayara Campos, Sergio Costa From: São Paulo, Brazil
WalletKit WalletKit is a SaaS platform to create, manage and deliver digital passes to mobile wallets. AngelList: Founders: Kevin Rajasekaran, Ramakanth Dorai From: Chennai, India Fun Fact: To get into 500 Startups, we stalked Paul Singh at his hotel in India. We actually figured out the location based on one of his tweets and found him in the hotel lobby. He was in a rush to get to the airport, so we pitched him on the way to the airport, which included getting into his cab. We also came prepared with these sketches of the 500 Partners.
Wideo Wideo is an online platform that will allow you to easily create, quickly edit and share your own animated videos. AngelList: Founders: Agu De Marco & Agustin Esperón From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
WhoAPI Delivering extensive information about domain data. AngelList: Founders: Goran Duskic, Edi Budimilic From: Rijeka, Croatia Fun Fact: Both founders are high school dropouts.